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Auto Registration Bux Mont PA

Bux Mont PA Auto Registration

At Bill Van’s, we are experts in all types of auto registration and title services

 in Bucks, Montgomery County and surrounding areas. We can assist you in anything you need including: title transfer, duplicate title, title only transfer, gifting a car, and others.

 Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions/concerns.


Types of Bux Mont PA Auto Registration and

Title Services we service


Title Transfer:

A title transfer is the most common type of title service. To transfer a title, you must have both parties present (buyer and seller), title of vehicle, valid PA photo ID, and valid PA insurance.


Title and Plate Transfer:

This is the same process as a title transfer. However, plates can strictly be transferred from spouse to spouse, parent to child, or child to parent. To do a plate transfer, you need to bring the following: title, valid PA photo ID, valid PA insurance, and both parties present.


Duplicate Title:

A duplicate title is needed when you lose the title for your vehicle. To apply for a duplicate title, you must have the vehicle owner and co-owner present, valid PA photo ID for all parties included, and vehicle information.


Title Only Transfer:

A title only transfer is needed when you buy a vehicle, but do not register it immediately. To do a title only transfer, you need both parties present (buyer and seller), a valid PA photo ID for all parties included, and vehicle information.


Selling your vehicle to an out of state resident?

If you are a PA resident selling your vehicle to an out of state resident, we can issue you an in-transit tag. An in-transit tag is temporary registration that allows the buyer to drive the vehicle back to their state, and gives them 30 days to transfer the registration.

To get an in-transit tag, please bring the following: valid ID, valid insurance, and title. The buyer will pay sales tax when they return to their state of residence.


Online Auto Registration

Enjoy the convenience of online auto registration and temporary auto tag services at Bill Van's Auto Tags! As an authorized PennDOT Online Center, we take care of your transaction in an instant. Our services include ensuring you receive your temporary tags quickly and easily, and we specialize in out of state transfers. Choose our company for instant registration of your cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, or motorcycles.



Bux Mont PA Auto Registration Renewing and Reissuing


At Bill Van’s Auto Tags we replace or renew your auto registration credentials quickly.  We have dealt with every situation that can possibly arise such as lost cards, stolen plate stickers etc.


Please do not worry!  We have you covered for all of your Auto registration needs!  Please be sure to bring the following in order to speed up the auto registration process:

• Old owners card

• Drivers license/identification card

• Current Insurance Card

• All owners of the vehicle in question (for plate reissue only)

• Any specific questions, please contact your local office

• Registration Restoration


Vehicle Registrations can be suspended for many reasons, if you are unclear about why you are suspended and how you can get restored, please call or stop in today!


If you have served your suspension and you are ready to be restored, we can post your restoration fees and proof of insurance on the spot.  Please make sure you bring


• The registration in question

• Your Drivers License/Identification Card

• Proof of Insurance



Bux Mont Auto Registration and Drivers License Services


PA Drivers License Restorations

When you are ready for your license to be restored, we can help! Our offices can post your restoration fees and proof of insurance on the spot!  Please make sure you bring the following:


• Your Drivers License/Identification Card

• Proof of Insurance


A Drivers License/ Identification Card Renewals:


Bill Van’s License Services are able to assist with renewals of

Drivers Licenses and Identification Cards INSTANTLY!!!


Driver's License/Photo ID Instant Services:


At Bill Van’s Auto Tags we offer Driver License Renewals, Duplicate Driver License/Replacements, changes of address, photo ID renewals/address changes.  We also provide basic Non-Commercial Driving full driving records.


We provide Posting of Restoration Fee’s and Proof of Insurance for Driver License Suspensions


Vehicle Instant Services:

 At Van’s Auto Tags we provide instant services for your convenience .  These services include duplicate titles, vehicle registration renewals/replacements, registration address changes, transfers of registration plates etc.


We also provide services for Heavy Trucks, Boats, Rv’s and re-constructed vehicles etc.



Vehicle Ownership - Instant Transfers:

Title Transfer and Registration

We offer immediate title transfers and issuance of registration materials including plate, registration card and registration sticker. Titles are received by Owner or Lien-holder in as quickly as ten business days.


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Vehicle Services

• Tag and Title Transfers

• Duplicate Title

• Heavy Truck Registration


• Insurance Restorations

• Issuance of Special Fund Plates

• Request for Vehicle Information

• Retired Status Vehicle

      Registration Renewal

• Transfer Registration

• Registration Renewal

• License Restoration

• Vehicle Registration Address Change

• Vehicle Registration Duplicate/


• Intransit Tags

• Personalized Plates,

    Disability Plates,

      Organization Plates

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